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March 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2016
RiverCenter, Davenport, Iowa

Gathering of the Green

Registration for the "Gathering of the Green 2016" OPENED on October 1, 2015. You are encouraged to register online by going to our REGISTRATION PAGE. Registration on the Internet makes the registration process quicker, accurate and easier for all those planning to attend the "Gathering." If you are unfamiliar with a computer, consider contacting a friend or family member to help with the process.

If you need help with the online registration process, call our partners Lynn, Dan or Joan at the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-747-7800 (M-F -- 7:30 A to 4:00 P Central).

However, if registering by computer is not a possibility, and you wish paper registration materials, please call Ken Reese at 815-578-8635, or email him at

For questions about the Gathering program, email or text/call Gathering Information at 563-886-7383.

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Machinery Pete interview

Machinery Pete Interviews Gathering Co-founder Ken Reese

Machinery Pete interviewed Ken Reese and posted the video on YouTube.
To see it, just click on the picture above. It will open on a new page.

Gathering of the Green Christmas Parade

All of these Santa’s are headed for the 2016 Gathering of the Green!

Yep, all 8 on their Model Ms plus the bearded guy driving yellow his 40. Old Rudoph would be jealous. Join them for restoration-related workshops; dozens of vendors with everything you need and want; tractor collections; outstanding speakers; a fun Fun Auction; an opening night reception and a family-friendly ending banquet with keynote speaker. And don’t forget the awesome displays mirroring the theme “Forge to Farm.”

WELCOME to the Gathering of the Green

Would Mr. John Deere enjoy the Gathering of the Green?

We think he would and we think he would be truly amazed at the result of his creative work on a simple anvil in a one-forge shop over 175 years ago. What arose from that polished steel plow is a global company and the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The quality of his company has spawned a legion of admirers second to none. Yes, John Deere would be mightily impressed with the admiration and passion John Deere collectors and restorers have for his equipment. And yes, he would enjoy the Gathering…..workshops, vendors, trips/tours, speakers and displays and so would you….. so be sure to save the dates, March 16-19, 2016, River Center, Davenport, Iowa.

Do you hear the Ring of the Anvil?

It’s a call to place the “Gathering of the Green” 2016 on your calendar – March 16-19, 2016 at the RiverCenter, Davenport, Iowa. The Gathering 2016 hat pin with logo & theme will be available for sale when registration opened on October 1, 2015. As one enthusiast has said, “I get the same enjoyment and satisfaction from the Gathering of the Green as a five-year old does from Christmas.” Don’t miss this premier conference (our 9th) dedicated to John Deere two-cylinder and New Generation tractor and implement enthusiasts.


During the course of Gathering 2012, this writer was asked an interesting question by one of our guests…”Just why do you folks (the four sponsoring clubs) do this? (offer the “Gathering of the Green?”) I must say that I had to give that some thought.

The four sponsoring clubs meet every other year at Grand Detour, John Deere’s home, for a tractor show, and during a group meeting there during the 1999 show, Mark Johnson, an NEITCC member, shared that he had recently attended a conference sponsored by another tractor company. Given the fact that no such conference had ever been sponsored for John Deere enthusiasts, it was his opinion that our four groups together could create such an event for our faithful green and yellow collectors. After some serious conversation, the group agreed to give it a try, and the rest is history.

I know that bit of history doesn’t answer the original question…”Why do we do this?” We do this because of…YOU…ALL OF YOU! We do this because you are so very appreciative of our efforts and you offer your kind understanding when everything doesn’t run perfectly. We do this because of your generous, positive comments. We do this because you are friendly and eager to share your love of John Deere products. No one “talks tractors” better than GOG attendees. We thrive on your kindness, friendliness, and eagerness to strike up a conversation. You never fail to share your enthusiasm for the activities we have offered during the event, and that is so deeply appreciated. The amazingly kind comments so many of you share when completing the opinion form at the closing banquet are so meaningful for us. We honestly don’t know whether to smile or cry. Thank you so very much!

These are the volunteers who will be planning the 2012 Gathering of the Green So, that’s “why we do this.” Thank you so much for joining us at “Gathering of the Green” 2014 and for sharing your warmth and kindness so freely. It’s what keeps us going. If you weren’t able to join us, plan to do so in the future.

The "Gathering of the Green is sponsored by
four John Deere antique tractor clubs:
Deer Valley Collectors
Illinois Valley Two-Cylinder Club
North Eastern Illinois Twin-Cylinder Club
Northwest Illinois Deer Collectors

     If you have any questions, or if you would like to be added to our database to receive materials through the mail, please e-mail your name, address, telephone and e-mail address to: